April 15th, 2013

Our family joined Holy Trinity Orthodox Church 31 years ago. From the moment we entered the church,
we could feel God’s presence which we had been seeking since we moved to the Kansas City area. We
were warmly welcomed and could feel the love radiating from the priest and parishioners. We were
one of the youngest families to join the church and have been truly blessed by having our children and
grandchildren worship with us every Sunday. Holy Trinity has grown from a handful of parishioners to over 100 worshipping every Sunday. 31 years ago Holy Trinity was a loving, close knit church family and thank God, it hasn’t changed. Every Sunday we experience the beautiful Divine Liturgy with our
church family; through the prayers, sacraments, icons and beautiful hymns, we feel God is truly with us–
a feeling we never experienced at other churches we have attended.

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