Holy Week and Bright Week Schedule 2020

March 9th, 2020

Sunday, April 12 (Palm Sunday)
Bridegroom Matins, 7:00pm followed by Holy Week walk-through with Fr. Tim

Monday, April 13
Presanctified Liturgy, 9:30am
Bridegroom Matins, 7:00pm

Tuesday, April 14
Presanctified Liturgy, 9:30am
Bridegroom Matins, 7:00pm

Wednesday, April 15
Presanctified Liturgy, 9:30am
Holy Unction, 5:00pm
Matins of Holy Thursday, 7:30pm

Thursday, April 16
Vesperal Liturgy with footwashing, 4:00pm
Matins of Holy Friday (Reading of the 12 Passion Gospels), 7:30pm

Friday, April 17
Royal Hours, 9:30am
Vespers of Holy Friday, 4pm
Matins of Holy Saturday with Procession, 7:30pm

Saturday, April 18
Weatherby & McCarter Chrismations; Vesperal Liturgy with 15 Old Testament Readings, 10:00am
Reading of the Acts of the Apostles, 9:00pm
Nocturns, Paschal Matins, Paschal Liturgy, 11:30pm
**Paschal baskets will be blessed at the conclusion of the Liturgy**

Sunday, April 19 (Holy Pascha)
Agape Vespers with Procession followed by picnic and Egg Hunt, 1:30pm

Monday, April 20 (Bright Monday)
Paschal Divine Liturgy followed by festal breakfast, 9:30am

Wednesday, April 22 (Bright Wednesday)
Paschal Vespers for St. George, 6:30pm

Thursday, April 23 (Bright Thursday)
Paschal Divine Liturgy for St. George, 9:30am

Friday, April 24 (Bright Friday)
Bright Friday Open House, 6:00pm